Forms of the Major

Major in Philosophy

A major in philosophy can take any of three forms. First, there is The Standard Major. This is designed for students who want to major in philosophy but who would like to have some flexibility in how they devise their program of study. Second, there is The Intensive Major. This track  acquaints students with the problems and methods of philosophy in more depth than is generally possible in the standard major. Students who are interested in an area of philosophy, expertise in which calls for detailed study outside philosophy, may elect to pursue a major in Philosophy and Allied Fields. In recent years, students electing this track have devised programs, for example, in Philosophy and Mathematics, Philosophy and Biology, and Philosophy and Economics. Students wishing to apply for this major need to have a faculty member of the department approve their course of study. Detailed information about the requirements for this form of major can be found in the course catalog. Intensive majors must apply to write the senior essay; majors from our other two tracks may be eligible to do so. Finally, there is also the option of The Minor in Philosophy, which teaches students logical and conceptual thinking that helpfully complement work in all other academic majors. Current students who are considering majoring or minoring in philosophy should also look over the relevant wiki page here. Current students should also consult the College Catalog to learn more about majoring in Philosophy.